13% of Beautyclicklist GOT Giveaway Entrants Identified as…

Sansa Stark

Back in summer we ran a Win the Throne giveaway featuring a number of prizes from the Urban Decay Game of Thrones make up collection.

One of our questions was:  Which Game of Thrones Character are you?

Coming in at number 4: 13% of our giveaway entrants identified as Sansa Stark.    She may have had  more fiances than Daenerys had titles but more importantly she is no longer a pawn of any one.  She’s been through a lot (including being the sister who has no fun) but as she said in her own words “My skin has gone from porcelain, to ivory, to steel.”   Sansa may have been dismissed because of her feminity and gender but she has been through enough to learn the game and in the end win the game and a throne of her own.  After declaring the North’s independence Sansa returned to Winterfell, and is crowned Queen in the North.

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