24% of Beautyclicklist GOT Giveaway Entrants Identified as…

Arya Stark

Back in summer we ran a Win the Throne giveaway featuring a number of prizes from the Urban Decay Game of Thrones make up collection.

One of our questions was:  Which Game of Thrones Character are you?

Coming in at number 2: 24% of our giveaway entrants identified as Arya Stark.     Seen as the more tomboy of the Stark Sisters, Arya has been through a lot – probably more than her sister Sansa but at least Arya managed to leave the castle and go on a few adventures. With her combat skills she could certainly defend herself and her loved ones.   Quite insightful, she wondered whether winning the throne was worth the pain and misery one must go through to win the right to sit on the throne.

We think had she had access to the Urban Decay make up range she would probably start off with some eyeliner  (once she vanquished all who have betrayed her and her family).

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