Hi Brow

Eyebrows are the frame to your eyes and can completely change your look. There are a range of brow products on the market fully designed to uplift and enhance your look. A few benefits of using a brow product are:

  1. Thicker brows. If you have sparse eyebrows, brow brows product can give your brows a thicker look and give the appearance of thicker and fuller brows. Brow gel can give the impression that your brows are thicker than they are.
  2. Quick fix – a quick slick of eyebrow gel or product quickly sets you up for the day and complements your mascara – esepecially if you’ve only got time to do a brow and wow (brows and lashes)
  3. Added tint – up your look by experimenting with various brow tints – this depends on your natural brow/hair colour – it’s easier to go darker or even mix and match to get your ideal shade.
  4. Shape and tame – if your brows are a bit unruly – using a brow product will help to shape and tame giving you an overall polished look.
  5. Enhance – brow products help you enhance your natural features. We’re all for flaunting and enhancing what you already got.

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